Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Temptation Always Starts With The Mind Not In Circumstances

Blessed  is  the  man  who  endures temptation,   because   having   been approved  he  will  receive  the  crown  of life  which  YAHWEH  promised  to  the ones  loving  Him.
13  Let  no  one  being  tempted  say,  I am  tempted  from  Elohim.  For  Elohim is  not  tempted  by  evil,  and  He  tempts no  one. 14  But  each  one  is  tempted  by  his own  lusts,  he  covets  and  is  seduced  by them. 15  Then  having  conceived  lust  brings forth  sin.  And  sin  being  fully  formed brings  forth  death. Jacob (James) 1: 12-15

1 This  epistle  should  be  the  letter  from  Jacob the  half  brother  of  Yahshua.  Later  the  king of  England,  James,  changed  the  book  to  his name  when  the  bible  was  printed  in English.  Also  this  letter  is  written  to  the House  of  Israel  in  Diaspora  showing  the tribes  were  not  lost.

Charlotte Davis


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