Friday, June 13, 2014

Hope to Mercy

Kingdom Key- Power of Promise

In the Old Testament only those uniquely called or anointed of God received the Holy Spirit. But under the New Covenant, Jesus proclaimed that every believer will be given the promise of the Father Luke 24:29 the active indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit's fullness in the life of a believer.  Dynamic devotion is possible in the ministry of Christ in and through His Church continues. 
The Book of Acts summons us to a bold faith.  The lives of men and women in Acts challenges us to believe in our great God to do great things in a great way. The accounts in this book invite us to be risk takers with bols-faith. A people who believe steadfastly that God will fulfill everything He has promised in His Word.
Read: Matthew 3:11/John 7:37-39/Acts 1:4-8/2:1-13/5:32

Rev. Bud
Hope to Mercy
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